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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the bf Is art one size fit all? Is there a universal truth about what art should be?
me haha
well... I want to say yes, but if there is, it's so broad that it encompasses all of it, in fact, validating everything ever created.
me: I would also say "i would rename it 'human truth' because that is limited, we cannot know all space and time, so the 'universal truth' we can understand is very narrow in scope..." so... human subjective truth
me then i want to mention "non objective painting" (ie, jackson pollock drip paintings) though it isn't "supposed to be anything" i think it is impossible to be non-objective, it goes against human existence -- but in a universal sense maybe everything is non-objective so he really is telling the truth
me so.... among humans, is there an objective truth to be held on that level..... I want to say because our experience is so limited, a finite number of principles can in fact define our objective universal truth........ BUT, you could also say that BECAUSE our experiences are so limited, we cannot ever hope to have objective truth
me so in turn personal truths are created which are only fragments of fragments so we can all stay afloat even in our limited pool of existence
So long story short, it depends how you think about it... i think you can gather what I think of human existence.
me great question
the bf Did you get that from Wayne's World?

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