Saturday, March 21, 2009

Megalomaniac Dennis as Julius Caesar

I guess this is Dennis as he wishes he were. Hehehe...

I had a few ideas of how to do this.... first it was Pedobear Dennis (sticking his head in a painted cutout like at a carnvival, not knowing what pedobear was), and then Dennis the Tengu, but Caesar it was.

I finished it in one 4-5 hour sitting. So now I need to chop off an hour or two and I'll be at my target timing for this. The majority of time was spent trying to get his face drawn right. Next time I want to use fewer lines to get where I want. It's kinda heavy handed... I want it to look congruous to the first and the next... I'm sure they'll all have their own flare.... urrr... the steps taken to do this one are similar to Dee's.

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