Monday, March 16, 2009

In my free time I like to (cough) exercise and play video games. The ps2 is, unfortunately, my most up to date console... So I decided to do my favorite character from Final Fantasy X, the game I'm currently playing.

Lulu and Cactuar doll

I think I want to stick with something flatter from now on..I didn't want to commit to rendering all out exactly, but I was afraid to make it flat and more cartoony. So I ended up rendering... and having weird flatness. Ergh. One or the other next time!! Especially since I don't have more than 3 hours a day to spend on this (I went overtime... this was done for better parts of three workdays in the studio).... I really have to pick up the pace. Every time I thought I was done I knew there was just one more thing left.... argh! Next time I won't arrange it so that there are so many things!

Oh yeah, just for fun, here's the alternate before I went hog wild on the lighting... I thought about Ingres for composition, Falcoon and Vanilla 82 for how to break it down. Not happy with what I've got yet but definitely a good start for the next pictures.

1000 needles!!! halp!

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Greg Caggiano said...

really really nice looking. i love the lighting in the final.